Secrets of Book Writing For the Whole Family

Book writing can be fun for the whole family.

I’d be willing to bet that just about everyone in your family would like to write a book. Some will want to write fiction, others will want to write non-fiction. There may be one or two who want to create a picture book (I’m hopeful it’s the small children, but who knows.) Here’s how you can get everyone involved.

Start writing your own book. Make it an enjoyable hobby for yourself but make sure you’re working on it every day. Then, before you slip away from your desk to do your writing, or at least while everyone is nearby and awake, start looking at a few pages you’ve produced and put in a few editing marks on the page.

Casually ask your spouse or your children, or your sibling, parent, whoever is nearby, if they’ve ever thought about writing a book themselves. Your objective isn’t to get into an argument, just reflect back what they say and be encouraging…

“Oh I could never write a book.”

“Well I think you could and I think you’d have a lot to say that’s important.”

“My life hasn’t been that exciting.”

“Well, your offspring three generations from now won’t think so. And they’re not even going to know you if you don’t write about yourself.”

“I can’t think of a story to write.”

“Most people can’t until they start and then you’d be surprised at how the imagination can take off.”

You get the idea. Be encouraging, not demanding.

No writing problem is insurmountable, they’ve all been encountered before. Get them feeling that the writing of a book should be an enjoyable, albeit challenging, task that they’ll get a lot from, not to mention the benefits others will receive.

Maybe they could start with a series of letters to people in the future, or maybe they could talk about all the shoes they’ve ever worn. (Remember the Forrest Gump movie? It was all about shoes!)

If nothing else, they should at least give it a try. Who knows, you say to them, they could be the very next bestselling author.

Writing has nothing to do with how old you are, or if you can sprint 40 yards in 4 seconds, or slam dunk a basketball. It has to do with thinking.

If there’s a member of your family who likes puzzles, I guarantee they’ll like the puzzle that’s created when they start writing a book.

And for the little ones, even if they can’t write, you can ask them to put together a story about something in their mind and all they have to do is draw the pictures of what happens on every page. Then you can come along with a marker and write the story with their help. Wow, talking about giving them a feeling of accomplishment. Six years old and already a published author.